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  • All quotations are based on Customer’s written inquiry. After receiving the price offer Customer is advised to exercise due care and attention when checking quotations before any further work proceeds.
  • The quotation is valid for 30 days from quotation date.
  • If the Customer is not a VAT payer in their country and cannot provide a valid taxpayer number (http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/), the Printer will tax his products with local VAT according to Directive 2006/112/EC.
  • The quoted price and delivery dates will be subject to changes if the Customer changes the specifications after receiving the first offer.

 2. Placing orders

  • The Customer shall place the order in writing, giving all the specifications of the job, the exact run, time for file delivery and the expected delivery time of finished products. The order is considered to be accepted only when the Printer has sent back the order confirmation which includes the approval of the expected delivery time. The Customer shall place the order timely at least 14 days before the file delivery.
  • If the Customer changes any materials or specifications after the order has been confirmed, the Printer has the right to demand payment for the ordered materials and revise the price according to the changed specifications.
  • Since this is a 100% customized product for the client, no cancellation of the order is allowed. If the Customer cancels the order or delays the files for more than 14 days (1 month) after it has been confirmed by the Printer, the Customer shall pay for all the ordered materials and storage fees, if no other agreement can be reached.
  • If the Customer delays file approval more than 12 hours from the date and time which is on the OC then Printer has the right to give new production dates and the Customer shall pay for production replanning and project rescheduling.
  • In case if Customer wishes to visit print start, the Customer acknowledges that the production schedule and the price of the order will be revised. All reasonable costs for equipment downtime will be charged to the Customer. If the total time spent on printing exceeds the standard process time by 10%, the Customer will be charged for extra time spend on project.
  • If the Customer delays the file delivery, a new delivery date of products will have to be agreed upon. If the late file delivery can be compensated by Printer’s employees’ overtime, then the Customer will be charged for this overtime with his prior written consent.
  •  The Customer will be charged extra if he requires another set of plotter printouts or colour proofs if that has not been included in the first price offer.
    If the Customer has ordered one colour job not specifying the ink colour, the Printer expects this colour to be black. If after receiving the files the colour turns out to be any other than ordinary black, the Printer will change the price accordingly.
  • The Printer shall do his utmost to produce products on urgent request, if the Customer agree to the offered available material choice and coverage of extra overtime or any other costs related to the urgency of the order.

  3. File delivery

  •  The prepress department accepts the files for processing up to 5 p.m. every working day. After this time, all files received are processed on the next working day.
    All the price offers are based on ready-for-print pdf files (see the web page for instructions on making pdf files)
  • If the Customer has provided files which do not correspond to the Printer’s requirements, the Printer can do the necessary changes with Customer’s prior agreement for extra costs. File checks (ink limits, bleeds, fonts, resolution of images etc.) and minor corrections (taking up to 30 minutes) are free of charge.
  • If there are elements in RGB and the Customer has asked for automatic conversion to CMYK, the Printer holds no responsibility for the quality of the converted images.
  • If the quality of the delivered files does not seem proper to the Printer and he has warned the Customer about it, the Printer bears no responsibility about the printed result.
  • The Printer does not check the overall visual design of the file, the visual quality of the image, text content, etc. The Customer is responsible for the content.
  • The electronic file is considered as the only basis for the print. All other files attached are considered as additional information. The Printer does not compare file content with materials sent for information.
  • If the Customer wants to use additional services (editing files, changing the layout, additional colour proofs), an additional charge will be applied.

 4. Approval of printouts and colour proofs

  • After receiving the files, the Printer will send the customer a copy of printouts or digital proofs via the internet for approval before printing. It is the Customer’s responsibility to check the proof very carefully and either approve it or tell the Printer about any imperfections in writing. Only after written approval has been received will the Printer proceed. The Printer will not accept any liability for errors or mistakes that the Customer has approved.
  • If the Customer decides not to do corrections himself, all the instructions to the Printer about any corrections in the supplied printouts, digital proofs and color proofs have to be given in writing and will be charged extra at an hourly rate.
  • If the customer submits their own printed colour proofs, they must be calibrated in accordance with ISO standards and a calibration chart must be included.
  • If the Customer has not ordered a colour proof but has provided a previously printed copy or his own colour proof as a print production sample, the Printer will try to match the sample as close as possible but cannot guarantee an exact result due to possible different technologies, materials and ICC profiles applied in the processes.
  • If the Customer requires a test print before the main run, this will be regarded as a separate order and charged accordingly.

 5. Publisher’s property and electronic storage

  • Discs and any other form of material supplied by the Customer shall remain the property of the Customer and unless otherwise instructed in writing, shall be returned to the Customer after the order has been completed. The Printer’s liability for this property will not exceed the amount recoverable from postage insurance. Additional insurance coverage may be obtained if the Customer has asked for it in writing and has covered the extra costs.
  • If after corrections the Customer asks the Printer to duplicate the last version of the files or store the material for further reprints, the Printer shall have the right to charge for the service.

 6. Handling paper stock

  • All paper or any other raw materials supplied by the Customer for the production of the Customer’s work, shall be subject to a charge for handling and storage by the Printer according to the prior agreement.

 7. Printing process

  • Printing is usually done with standard ink densities and total ink coverage advised by material and equipment suppliers. If the Customer wants to exceed an overall ink coverage or to print with higher colour density than recommended for the selected type of paper, this is the Customer’s responsibility. The Printer is not responsible for the possible consequences (increased drying time, smudging, incompatibility of colours and halftones). Any diversions from the approved colour proof which the Customer would like to achieve being present at the printing process and which involve press standing time, will be at an additional charge from the Customer.
  • If the Printer has to stop the press waiting for Customer instructions, this delay will be at Customer’s extra charge.
  • Suspension of any work on Customer’s instructions for a period of 14 days or more shall entitle the Printer to payment in full for materials and work in progress at the time of suspension. The Printer shall revise the production schedule and the quotation for the uncompleted portion of the order before proceeding.
  • If the Customer delivers any special items to be included in or used for the production of the job, the Printer will accept the consignment as per provided delivery documents and will not be responsible for the actual number of items delivered.
  • The Printer will make every effort to deliver the quantity specified. All quotations however are based upon a margin of +/- 7% for runs up to 5000cps and 5% for runs over 5000cps. The invoice will be raised for the actual amount of products delivered.
  • Any complaints shall be made in writing within 14 days of receipt of products, unless otherwise specified in a contract. After this time no claims will be accepted.

 8. Delivery

  • Unless otherwise specified, the delivery to one address for single shipment is included in the price offer. The delivery terms are DAP.
  • If the delivery specifications are changed, the Printer will charge accordingly at current rates.
  • The Customer shall provide the delivery address at least one week before the shipment. In case of delay, the Printer cannot guarantee arrangements for transport to meet the delivery deadline.
  • Should urgent delivery be agreed to, all related costs shall be an additional charge.
  • The Printer is not responsible for delays in delivery that occur due to reasons attributable to courier companies.
  • The Customer is obliged to check the delivery for possible visible damage to the packaging before signing the delivery confirmation form.
  • If damage to the packaging is detected, the Customer is obliged to fill in the parcel damage report and prepare photographic documentation in the presence of the courier.
  • Complaints will not be processed without a filled-in parcel damage report.

 9. Compensation for damages or delivery

  • The Printer’s responsibility over the deficient Product (that has been returned to them) is limited to its contractual compensation or refunding the price provided in the contract.
  • In the event of a delay or in the event of defects in the delivery, Printer shall not be held responsible for any indirect operating losses, loss of profit, or other indirect losses suffered by the customer, including losses due to the customer's legal relationship with third parties.

 10. Payment Terms

  • Unless otherwise agreed between the Printer and the Customer, payment of the Printer’s account is due in 30 days after the invoice date. Any costs incurred in the collection of debt from the Publisher will be at the Customer’s expense.
  • The Printer reserves the right to charge interest of 0.2 % per day on any amounts outstanding after the due date. In turn, the overdue interest bill stops when it reaches 100% of the debt amount. 
  • The Printer has the right to apply factoring services for collecting Customer’s payments.
  • Regular Customers may agree post-payment conditions and credit limits with the Printer.

 11. Force Majeure

  • The Printer shall not be liable for any failure to perform any obligations arising directly or indirectly out of circumstances beyond the Printer’s control, including but not limited to default of any sub-contractor, war, strikes, trade disputes, accidents to plant or machinery, shortage of materials, of labor or government restrictions.