Soft Cover books with full color inlay
• Free professional file check and PDF softproof
• Production time - 7 to 10 working days from print approval
• Regular customer pay invoice after delivery
• Packaging: in boxes, transport safe on pallets
• Neutral shipping is possible

Additional options for soft cover books:
• Foil-blocking
• Die-cutting and embossing
• UV spot varnish
• Shrink wrapped

Brochures, books and magazines thicker than 2 mm are most frequently glued with thermal glue. This way of binding brochures is much more aesthetically pleasing.

To glue a block, EVA thermal glues are most frequently used.

A few years ago, PUR glues used in furniture production were introduced to book-binding. Its high level of strength is considered a large advantage, but very few tools that can apply it in a thin enough layer to retain this advantage.

The top glue producers in the world acknowledged this problem and developed a new generation of EVA glue, which has very similar characteristics to PUR glue but does not require complex and temperamental equipment.

In our printing house, we use these new-generation glues, which provide a high level of strength.


Brochures and books can also be sewn with thread before to gluing. This gives additional strength to the block and is appropriate if thick paper is used for the inner pages. If thin paper is used, brochures are not usually sewn.